Metro Denver’s Most Affordable Cities: Part I

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Metro Denver’s Most Affordable Cities: Part I

People of all ages have been flocking to the metro Denver area over the past several years. It’s a great business hub at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains featuring an amazing outdoor lifestyle. However, housing costs have risen dramatically over the past few years, so for those on a budget, following are some options that are among the most affordable in the seven-county metro Denver area.

Commerce City: Right down the road north of Denver, Commerce City is great for those on a budget looking to commute. Not only is the cost of living low compared to most of the other cities on our list, but the homes are also relatively affordable. Aside from lower prices, Commerce City is also home to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park featuring the soccer stadium where the Colorado Rapids pro soccer team plays. Median household income $63,555; median home value $187,800.

Thornton: Once an area outside of Denver that consisted primarily of farmland, 60 years later Thornton is a city of over 120,000 residents. Only 10 miles northeast of downtown Denver, this town is also great for commuters. Just because things are affordable here doesn’t mean you don’t get a bang for your buck. With 81 city parks, 80 miles of trails, and over 2,000 acres of public green space, Thornton is one place where you might be paying less but you won’t feel like you’re losing much value. Median household income $64,525; median home value $208,300.

Westminster: Ranked the 24th best place to live in America by Money Magazine, Westminster is yet another Denver suburb on the rise. Westminster is just nine miles northwest of the city, putting residents close to downtown Denver. There are plans in the works to expand Westminster’s commuter rail and bus rapid transport lines soon, making daily life for the locals that much more efficient. Income spent on mortgage loans 29.1 percent; median household income $64,884.

Northglenn: One of the smaller suburbs in the metro area, Northglenn is home to a little over 30,000 residents. This means that while it’s close to Denver, it has much more of a small- town feel. Median household income is a bit lower here, hovering around $53,000. However, the lower home prices help to make up for that. Despite its smaller size, Northglenn still has 26 parks and 28 miles of trails spread throughout the city. If you want access to the Denver area without all the hustle and bustle, this might be the place for you. Income spent on mortgage loans 31 percent; median home value $183,600.

Aurora: With well over 300,000 residents, Aurora is the largest affordable Denver suburb on our list by far. If you’re living here, it basically feels like you’re in Denver due to the sheer size, without leaving the same dent in your savings account. In recent years, Aurora has surpassed Denver in sheer land space, thought most of it is still undeveloped. As Denver continues to grow, this city will probably continue to expand as well. If you want more of a “big city” life but you’re concerned about how much you’re spending, try Aurora on for size. Median household income $50,987; median home value $176,500.

Next week: Part II, the next five more affordable suburbs.